Friday, October 14, 2016

15 Video Games For Halloween

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to do a list of video games to play for Halloween. These games range from lighthearted to disturbing. Everything said about these games is my personal opinion.

15)Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
This game was originally DLC for the original Red Dead Redemption. It later on was released on a standalone disc. This game has you traveling across the west and killing zombies. The plot is John Marston is trying to find a cure to the zombie virus that has infected his son and wife. This game can be a bit repetitive and tedious at times but is overall a fun horror twist on a good game. Also you can't ignore a game where you can ride the horses of the apocalypse.

14)Luigi's Mansion/ Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
These games are very far from horror. In fact these games are very humorous. In both games you take control of Luigi and hunt down ghost. These games are not long and like most Mario games are not very hard. These games are full of personality. I recomend this for someone who wants more of a spooky cute game then anything outright horror.

13)Five Nights at Freddy's
These games are very popular right now. People will argue about whether these games are scary or not. I personally don't have a fear of animatronics and don't really find these games terrifying I think they're worth mentioning. The gameplay for these games is very simple and similar in the first four games. The interesting thing is unlike most horror games you cannot run away. If you want to play these games I recommend looking up the lore first. My personal recommendation would be the first game however the fourth game has Halloween DLC.

12)Alice The Madness Returns 
I will admit I haven't played this game yet. However every review I've seen praises this game for being very dark. In this game Alice's family died in a house fire and Wonderland is a twisted hallucination. If you love twisted, disturbing games this will be your kind of game.

11)Dreaming Mary
This game is a very odd and disturbing game. You play a pink haired girl named Mary. In this game you are in a dream where everyone seems to know you. This game has multiple endings and I recommend getting them all. This is a short game with great atmosphere and disturbing subject matter.

Trigger Warning for Dreaming Mary
This game does touch on the subject of sexual abuse/rape

10)Dead Space
It has been years since I played this game. The monsters in this game are really creepy and the game does make you feel trapped. The storyline and gameplay aren't the best on this list but this game certainly can creep you out

9)The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
Even though this is not a horror game this game is still creepy and dark. The plot is Link ends up in a strange counterpart to Hyrule called Termina. Link learns that the moon is going to crash in three days. Doing all if the side quests and interacting with all of the NPCs will show you how dark this game can be.

8)Don't Starve
This game is probably the result of Minecraft and Tim Burton having a baby. In all seriousness this game has a really great art style and is challenging. It's really a survival game that doesn't really give you instructions. If you die the death is permanent and you will need to restart your whole game.

7)Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly 
This game is the only Fatal Frame I've played. It also seems like the favorite in the series. In this game you fight ghost using only a camera to take pictures. The plot follows twin sisters, Mio and Mayu, through the haunted lost village. This game has great atmosphere even though sometimes the camera is quite frustrating.

6)Mario Party 2 (Horror Land)
This is a really fun way to celebrate Halloween with friends. This particular board has you dressed up in cute pointed wizard hats. This board is so spooky and cute it's one of my favorites.

5)Until Dawn
This game reminds me a lot of campy 80's movies. The plot of this game is pretty good but the main thing that makes this game interesting is that your choices can actually get characters killed. These choices are not always obvious so be careful with what you do.

4)The Witch's House
I will admit there are games that are similar in style to this game but fdone better. However this game is still one of my personal favorite. Even though it's hard I do recommend getting the true ending to this game. It really expands on the whole story so much.

3)Resident Evil
I specifically would recommend the first game. But really any of Resident Evil games will work. Zombies are absolutely great for Halloween. Please don't judge the games based off of the movies.

2)Silent Hill
This is another staple in horror games. This game has some of the most disturbing monsters. I really think the second one is the best and creepiest. Just remember the voiceacting is not the best.

1)Eternal Darkness:Sanity's Requiem
Finally we get to my favorite horror game. This little gem was on the GameCube. It has an interesting plot, great atmosphere, and scary monsters. This game also has a sanity meter that directly messes with the player. This game has you playing through different time periods. If you can find a copy I highly recommend it.

Any games you would like to add? I may do a couple more list like this. If you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks for reading!

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  1. You forgot to say that FNAF is jumpscare central.