Saturday, November 12, 2016

Popcorn Pokeballs

At the beginning of November one of my local movie theaters was showing the first Pokemon movie. It was really fun and when I was younger I didn't get to see it in theaters so I finally got to do something I wanted to do back in the day.

Me going to see the movie

I decided I wanted to do something relating to popcorn because that's what I think of when I think of a movie theater. Hence these popcorn pokeballs. These are so easy and fun. They would be perfect for a pokemon themed party.

What You Will Need
12 cups of popcorn (I use air popped)
2 ten oz bags of marshmallows
2 three tablespoons of butter
Red food gel
Black and white fondant
Parchment paper
Sauce pan
Rolling pin
Mixing bowl

Step One
Lay parchment paper on your pan to lay your popcorn balls on.Separate 6 cups of your popcorn into a bowl. This will be the bottom of our balls.

Step Two
Turn your burner on to a low medium heat. Melt your butter in the sauce pan. Once it is completely melted you can add your marshmallows.

Step Three
When your marshmallows are melted pour your mixture over your popcorn. Mix until it is well combined. Grease your hands and roll the popcorn into balls.

Step Four
Repeat steps 1-3 except on step 2 dye your marshmallow and butter mixture red.

Step Five
Cut your balls in half. then take a white half and a red half and stick them together.

Step Six
Roll out the black fondant.Ten cut long strips out. Wrap around the popcorn balls.

Step Seven
Roll your black and white fondant into balls. Make sure your white one is smaller then your black one. Flaten your black fondant into a circle. Put your white ball on top of that and press flat. Then put it on the popcorn ball.

I hope you guys enjoy! If you make these feel free to share here, on Facebookon tumblr, or use #thegeekyartist on instagram.
Also I'm sorry these are a week late. There has been a lot going on. Also with holidays coming up my schedule is going to be a bit off. Sorry!

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