Thursday, December 29, 2016

Silver Apple Cupcake

Hey everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed or is enjoying their holidays! I really meant for this to be out before Christmas but due to other life factors it's a bit late. Sorry about that! Hopefully with Christmas being done I can get back to a normal schedule.
It's another recipe for Fandom Foodies this week! This month the theme is Narnia! Here is everyone's recipes if you want to check them out!
I  have to admit when I saw the theme for this month I was really scared. I never really got into Narnia and don't know much about it. However when I was looking up Narnia food I saw someone mention a silver apple. I thought apple cupcakes would be awesome.

What You Will Need
Cake Box Mix + Ingredients
Silver Sprinkles
Pretzal Sticks
Mini Donuts

Step One
Make your cupcakes following the instructions on your cake mix box. Give your cupcakes plenty of time to cool down.

Step Two
Frost the top of your cupcakes. Then trim off the bottom of a donut and stick it on top of the cupcake.

Step Three
Add some frosting in a sandwich bag and cut off the corner. Pipe around your doughnut. Then smooth it out.

Step Four
Pour your sprinkles in a bowl. Then dip your cupcake in it. Stick in your pretzel stick in the cupcake.

I hope you guys enjoy! If you make these feel free to share here, on Facebookon tumblr, or use #thegeekyartist on instagram.

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